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Saanen Dairy Goats

Purebred Saanen Dairy Goats

Since 1904, it is reported that the Saanen has been one of the most popular breeds of dairy goats in America. This is not necessarily the case in Missouri as there are not a large number of breeders. We selected this breed due to their color (solid white), size (on the larger size) and temperament (easy to please). Of course we could not leave out the milk production of these wonderful animals!!!

We currently have 2 Bucks and 3 Does. At one time we had approximately 15 breeding Saanens but decided to go in another direction with breeding only Purebred Saanen's, establishment of our Guernsey herd as well as Purebred Sables. We will always keep Saanen goats, or at least 2 of the Does. We are hoping for a successful kidding out of our SGCH doe!

Mature Does are currently bred and due in Jan & Mar '12.  Please see breeding calendar listed under "About Us" to see all breedings.

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